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Hand dyed, hand sewn, handmade, Belly Buddies are the perfect gift for you or a friend.

Filled with rice these guys will stay warm for hours in your bed, use them on your shoulders to reduce ache and stress, or simply place one on your belly while reading a book. Simply place in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Lasts for years. Best of all, they are made by my MOM.

Available in Chicago for $25

Outside Chicago add $5 for shipping per 4

contact: aaronderugby (at) gmail

While supplies last!
Belly Buddy

Belly Buddy

Just got back from an amazing and adventurous weekend in Moab, Utah. The highlight of the trip was mountain biking Saturday on a ride called “The Whole Enchilada.” It took us about six hours (three flats) and is on the top 5 of hardest things I have ever done! Details of the various trails can be found at:

The Start of it All. (Friday) Magnificent 7 – Gemini Bridges