Here are some recent testimonials/reviews from my clients. (They were posted to Yelp but Yelp filtered them for some r$ason).

Aaron is by far the most amazing personal trainer I ever worked with.
He was recommended to my by my orthopedic surgeon after I didn’t fully recuperate my strength following knee surgery.
Six month after the surgery I still struggled to regain full strength and wasn’t able to climb stairs without some pain, despite working out regularly and having had a physical therapist and a personal trainer.
What makes Aaron so unusual is that he just gets it. He immediately knows what it takes to built up your muscle strength. And he creates a work out schedule that works just for you. For me that meant building a schedule that I could not only use in the gym but at home or in hotels as I travel frequently.

So after six month with him, I am not only back to 100% but am much stronger and have lost weight. And the best thing, it is actually fun to do the work out.

Ulrich T.

Aaron Manheimer  is an excellent personal trainer.  I am a Sports Injuries Chiropractor for almost 20 years.  And I continue to train and treat weekend warriors to pro athletes.  So I’ve always understood the value and importance of a personal trainer.  Last year I asked around to find a top trainer for my own needs, because I was getting frustrated injuring myself training for marathons.  I felt I had core, leg and flexibilty weaknesses and needed help solving these problems.  A good friend recommended Body By Manheimer, so I took her advice.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d learn anything new.  But, I was very impressed how quickly Aaron found my weaknesses and had the knowledge and imagination to guide me in the right direction with the latest exercises.  I finished my first marathon this past October without any injury.  I use Aaron’s dynamic warmup program and all his core training lifts at least 3 days a week.  Plus he taught me a few stretches that I’ve never seen, that literally kept me injury free marathon training.  I use Yelp quite a bit, so please don’t be afraid to value this 5 star review strongly.  I wouldn’t review much of anything unless I felt really strong that people would benefit from it.

Aaron W.

I started training at BBM in 2004 when Aaron was the strength and conditioning coach of my semi-pro rugby team.  After seeing the dramatic changes that took place on the field for the team collectively, I began working with Aaron one-on-one and as part of small group sessions.  With Aaron’s help, by 2007, I was a member of the US National Rugby team.  At 31 years old, I remain in the best shape of my life and I owe all of my fitness knowledge to BBM. Aaron knows as much about fitness and nutrition as anyone and continues to have his finger on the pulse of the evolving science behind what he teaches.  In addition, he excells at preparing customized work-outs for all of his clients and is a great motivator.  I highly recommend him to others.

Eddie B.

I have been working out at  pretty high level for years, but Aaron took my body and my workouts to another place all together.  I was referred to him after a sports injury on my elbow.  I felt seriously in jeopardy of losing parts of my active lifestyle; I was considering giving up golf because of the elbow.  Aaron was able to simultaneously help heal my elbow, improve my golf game and help me achieve my rather lofty fitness goals.    I consider him an awesome resource and a great friend!  If anyone reading this wants more of my personal insights about his training please feel free to contact me here and I will happily share my experiences.

Howard S.

I have been employing Aaron’s services for over ten years now. I first got in touch with Aaron after my ACL surgery and he guided me through the initial stages of rehab. We then proceeded with a specialized program to bring my knee and the rest of my body back to a level suitable for competitive fencing, achieving incredible results. Now that I don’t compete anymore, I work with Aaron to maintain a healthy and balance approached to physical training. His knowledge base is so deep that he can guide clients in any direction, from training for specific tasks to even general nutrition advice.Couldn’t be more satisfied!

Maurizo F.

I’ve been training with Aaron since 2008, when I first moved to Chicago from Italy.
Since the beginning I was impressed with his knowledge of the various body types and his understanding of my specific needs.  He designed a workout aimed at strengthening my back and at toning my entire body.  We were able to achieve our goal in six months, and I have been back-problem free since then. When I became pregnant, he changed my training to ensure I was strong enough for the pregnancy and also for the delivery. I can’t tell you how happy I was for the work we did together. I was able to work out until the end of the term and to generally enjoy the whole pregnancy. I recommend Aaron entirely, whether you are looking to embrace on a competitive adventure or are simply looking to be a healthy and strong individual.

Valeria C.

I have trained with Aaron for over 3 years and found his approach, method and focus second to none. His vast experience and ability to customize his approach to the clients needs is outstanding. For example, he has helped me recovery form a serious knee injury, to climb the tallest mountains in the world, to enable wife to loss the weight she has tried for over 15 years to loss. I would highly recommend you stopping by to meet Aaron and let him help you with your goals.

John G.

I’ve been privileged to watch Aaron work with professional athletes, dancers, weekend warriors, rehab clients, young and old, male and female, fit and flabby. He has an amazing sensitivity to who you are, what your capabilities and aspirations are, and how you are progressing, and he has an equally amazing capacity to design a program that works for you and to evolve it over time as you develop capability.

When I started with him 6 years ago, I was a mechanical train wreck waiting to happen, due to an old injury, a sedentary job, over-aggressive tennis playing and decades of inattention to core strength and flexibility. The transformation under Aaron has been remarkable. I am stronger, more agile and more physically confident than I have been for decades. I owe Aaron a lot, and recommend him without reservation.

Ray B.

Aaron is one of the best trainers I have ever trained with; and I’ve seen a few over the years. I’ve trained with a multitude of different trainers from all over the world and I enjoy working out with Aaron more than any of them. I pay good money to see a personal trainer and I do it for one simple reason, and that’s because I want results; with Aaron that exactly what I get.

Aaron understands what I want in a workout, he constantly challenges me, pushes me to my limits and always changes my workouts up; no two workouts are the same. This is exactly what I need in a personal trainer hence why I still use Aaron and have done  so for 4 years now. Aaron completely changed my view on working out and helped get me in the best shape of my life…..I only wish I started training with Aaron 10 years ago.

If you are looking for a trainer who listens, motivates and most importantly ensures you get the results you want, then Aaron is your guy. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Aaron as a personal trainer.

Jason B.

I’ve worked with Aaron for several years now, originally in a group training format (2-4 people) and now in individual sessions.  I strongly recommend his services.  I have had past issues with injuries: both shoulders, right knee, and lower back.  Aaron always gives me a great workout that not only challenges me physically and mentally but also helps strengthen my weaknesses and avoid re-injury.  His routines change so I am always improving and never experience the monotony of other workout programs.  His no-nonsense attitude keeps me on task but he makes sure I focus on form and don’t do anything to hurt myself.  Aaron is very well versed with all of the factors that affect athletic performance including nutrition and recovery.  The program he created for me helped me cut body fat, increase strength, and rehab injuries I thought I would be living with for the rest of my life.  Do yourself a favor and go see Aaron.

Dan P.

I’ve been training with Aaron for a little while and he’s amazing! I have a sport injured body (weak/sensitive knees) and Aaron has extensive knowledge working with athletes and their injuries. He’s also extremely versed in body mechanics, nutrition, and proper form to ensure I’m healing and not hurting my body.
Aaron also does a great job of keeping me on track and not letting me get away with being lazy.
Amazing trainer…I highly recommend Body By Manheimer!

Alyson D.

Aaron Manheimer has been working with me for the past five years.

I’m in my 50s and have never been in better shape! My workouts are varied every time I come and he focuses on my weak spots and has made me much stronger. I am able to ski more then 50 days a year with great strength and energy as well as hike in the mountains all summer long. That would have been difficult for me five years ago.

He has a great temperament as well as being quite knowledgeable about the anatomy. As an athlete himself he is sensitive to injuries as well as finding solutions to not repeating those injuries. You are being worked to the max and he is just so calm and quiet you don’t realize how hard you are working. So if having your day start out surrounded by an easy charm and ending up with a good fit body Aaron is your man!!

Regan Rohde Friedmann

In June 2009 I bought a heart rate monitor and asked Aaron to help me get healthier and in shape.  Aaron had a challenge because I have three herniated disk in my lower back, bad rotator cuff and no stamina.  He gave me exercises and activities that never compromised my back unlike other trainers I had.  It was tough and challenging.  Each workout I had a heart rate and calorie burning goal.  I not only fell stronger, have more energy but I have lost 34lbs.  My metabolism is working again and I look better than I have in 25 years.  I love my Body By Manheimer!

Sue Robinson

On a cool Chicago evening in October 2008, I went to watch a Texas Football Game at a local Bar, never knowing how much that night would change my life.  I guess you could say I have always been the bigger girl with my weight ranging in the mid 160s and even hitting the 180s.  I could some what hide it being 5’9”, but never felt beautiful when I was out and about.  I was the girl that loathed going on a girl’s trip, because I’d be the only one in the one piece hiding from the camera. More so, I hated when summer came because heaven forbid I ever wear a cute sun dress with my chunky legs!  I only had myself to blame as I never worked out and usually would eat whatever I wanted.    Even the times I got some what motivated, it only led to crazy diets plus no exercise which equaled a scale that showed minor and temporary results.  I had given up and accepted that this is just the way I’m going to look…until I met Aaron.

That October night I sat next a friend’s personal trainer who was also her good friend. Although intimated by “the guy with the muscles”, I spent the evening asking question after question  (not to mention ordered a salad…even though I secretly wanted the fries).  I was so intrigued by his passion for working out, his intelligence on health, and education of the body… I decided to to give it try.  Not only would I go to a gym for the first time since 8th grade gym class, but I would take it to the next step and work out with a personal trainer.

The first session was bittersweet.  I was completely embarrassed in the tight workout clothes and the fact that I couldn’t do any exercise that was asked of me.  But that afternoon and evening, I felt this feeling that no cupcake ever game me.  And the next morning as I could barely get out of bed or sit on the toilet from soreness, I ironically still felt that good feeling. 🙂  It was the feeling of achievement, the feeling that I was taking the first step to change myself both inside and out.

Nine months later, I’m a completely different person.  But trust me when I say it didn’t happen like magic, it truly took those nine months to change myself and my lifestyle.  The success at the beginning had its ups and downs.  There were many times where I wouldn’t do my “homework” (my workouts on my own) because I made excuses that I was too tired to work out or just couldn’t find the time.  I would try to hide from Aaron the McDonald’s I had earlier in the week or the late night food on a Saturday night.  But when we wouldn’t see results, Aaron held me accountable for my actions, while staying patient and never giving up on me. With time and lots of hard work, together we had finally built something from the ground up.  And now I was and still am a machine that can’t be stopped.  Aaron taught me over the past nine months how to change my lifestyle and how to have a passion for taking care of yourself.  He showed me that working out can be fun and addictive, esp. when you see that first sign of a a bicep and even a six pack…okay maybe a 2 pack :).

Working out with Aaron is not a treadmill… it is dragging sandbags across the floor, kick boxing and upper cuts, vibrating planks, and having 12 pound medicine ball thrown at you. But with this much excitement and creativity, I look forward to every session and only wish I could afford to see Aaron every day. Aaron is like a parent you don’t want to disappoint.  He is so dedicated and intertwined to his clients that you don’t want to let him down, but most of all he shows each of us what is most important is to not let ourselves down. Thanks to Aaron I now make the right decisions…I choose to eat healthy food (but know when to treat myself) and I choose to work out every day.

I weigh 146 pounds for a total of 20 pound weight loss and have lost ??% of my body fat.  I feel so good about myself and truly glow from happiness.

Thanks Body by Manheimer!

Amy (currently wearing a sun dress 🙂 :)..)