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MS-150 Bike Ride

Posted: November 5, 2009 in 1

This summer I participated in my first MS-150. I headed up to Minnesota with two of my clients and we did two 75 mile bike rides. For some reason we took off right at the start of the race. I thought we were trying to catch up with someone. The guys from Parktool set the pace. It was 50 miles in that I finally caught my breath. By that time we had pretty much passed everyone. I think I have only gone that fast on a bike one other time in my life and it was only after watching Armstrong tackle a tour stage 🙂

Sea of BikesI had a great time and the people in Minnesota were definitely North Carolina nice!

Here is a link for the ride:

Special thanks to those that donated to MS.

The Crew

MS-150 June 2009